Contemporary dance
Gives Yutaka's own Dance Forms to dancers, created with professional and personal experiences. The base is contemporary dance, then he adapted many different type of movements such as Classical ballet, Jazz, Musical etc. as dance styles and even from sport and martial arts such Tai-Chi, Qi gong, climbing, swimming, etc...

Tai-Chi Quan + Qi gong
Since 2005, Yutaka started to practice Tai-Chi and Qi gong wherever he lived. Now he would like to share a style he learned to other people, specially for physical performance. His experience started Munichin Germany with Master LAO(Ajan LAO) and small experience at Lille in France (Association Tai-Chi CHuan du Nord, ATCCQG Wasquehal) and finally with Master Seiun at Himeji in Japan. Trained Thailand Tai-Chi from Ajan LAO, "Ching Style" and "Chen style" from Master Seiun, "Chen style and yang style" from Madame HA.


This is the project which train movement style technique together with Amateur, non dancer or other kind of discipline to discover new way of movement and philosophy, also improvisation to create and understand itself. Of course the dancers are also welcome.


Collaborate with contemporary dancer and artist to create an eternal image, "Choreography in Photography". The aim of this project is to photograph the eternal moment of movement, direction in space and emotional expression of art. Difference between the portrait and "Choreography in Photography" is to not taking a pose for photography, but the movement, off balance and rhythmical emotion within the gesture, dance choreography and improvisation at the place.