TERMINUS / 形のない駅

Choreography | Yutaka Nakata
Dancer | Duo

Original Music
| Nicolas de Zorzi

| Nakata Ballet Theater, Himeji Japan, DIEM company
In collaboration with
| CCN Roubaix - Nord Pas de Calais Carolyn Carlson

Duration | 20min

Yutaka Nakata creates Terminus, a piece about the invisible wall that embodies the border between two stages of existence. An in-between, where everything seams to end and sett-off again for elsewhere. A railway station, an airport. When travellers transiting in front of obstacles, they search for the door to their own destiny.

It’s a space where we once were and where we will be after we go through and confront each other. It’s the moment of the infinity of possibilities, the moment of choice and dream before boarding. In the end, we will realise that the wall is nothing but a construction of the mind when crossing towards its destination. Where you draw an open door, a path unfurls itself.